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Final Performance 2010

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Lest 2010 end with me bombing, I had one final performance, and it was Fan-Freaking-Tastic!

That’s right, I performed for Vijai Nathan’s birthday extravaganza at her Fan-Freaking-Tastic event “Dirty Girls and Bad, Bad Boys.”  As I have never really been much of a girl, see my TEDx story about that, I decided to tell my bad boy story – only I was the badass in this situation.

I call this story “A Mugging in Fort Green.”  You can call it whatever you want, so long as you enjoy watching it.


I love the Fan-Freaking-Tastic shows. See all the performances from the last one I did here. They are always super fun and Vijai Nathan is always the hostess with the mostest!


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So, I bombed.  At a recent event.  I won’t mention names, I had to give a presentation and well, it sucked.  I know, I know, everyone has had this happen, right?  Well, I never have.  Really.  Like, even in high school, when I was a nerd, I did good presentations – and got a good audience response.  I have never bombed.  I DON’T BOMB.  Except, I did.

Okay, so, here’s what happened.  First of all, my presentation was weird.  It was half story, half facts and figures.  It was fantastic.  I mean, the writing was great.  Flawless even.  Would I exaggerate?  But memorizing it was hard.  We’re talking, losing my voice for days from all the repetition and it still not sticking.  But, I finally got it down – the day before the event.  Well, the night before the event.  I had it.  I could do the whole thing from memory.  Mostly.

The day of the event, I got to the location only to find that:

1. There was no stage – we were all in folding chairs on the same level


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Fan-Freaking-Tastic Birthday

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I will be performing this Saturday, December 18th, at Chief Ike’s.  The lovely Vijai Nathan is having a birthday, and bringing out the Fan-Freaking-Tastic troop of performers to celebrate.

Chief Ike’s Mambo Room

1725 Columbia Road, NW

Washington, DC

Doors open at 7 pm and you can chill to the delightful tunes of the band “Perfect Squares” (formerly known as Not My Sister)

Performers Include:

Slam Poets Gayle Danley, Gowri Koneswaran & Jonathan B. Tucker

Comedy and Stories from:

Stephanie Garibaldi, Ayana Dookie, Amy Couchoud, Derek Hills, Joe Price, Mike Kane, Meredith Maslich, Jason Pittman, Amy Saidman & Jessica Piscitelli.

BANJO: Lester Feder!

A “Glee”ful performance from Kevin Boggs & and his crew of Beefcake.

Tix: 15$ (or ten with Fringe Button!)



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TEDxGlenEcho – The Future of Women

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Here’s a video of my story for the “Future of Women” event for TEDxGlenEcho.

If you prefer to read the script, or just want to read along and see where I messed up, here’s the text:

“I Am Not a Girl”

By Jessica Piscitelli

There are more women in the world than men, more women than men enter college every year, and 85% of all purchases are made by women.   Women rule!  So, why doesn’t it feel like it?  Why don’t I feel like my needs as a consumer, a business owner, and a culture junky are being met?


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I am speaking at TEDx Glen Echo on December 8th, 2010. The event is a women’s conference so my presentation/story is about the status of women in society. It’s a fairly heady topic, but I feel up to the task. I am excited to be associated with TEDx. I have enjoyed watching their programs online in the past and am happy now to be one of their programs!

For more information, see below.

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