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The “Right” Writing Style

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I have another storytelling show this Saturday. Check out details on “Our Bodies, Our Selves” here. It is only two weeks after my last show, and I spent the past several days white water rafting, mountain climbing, and attending a wedding in Oregon.

I know, I know, likely excuse, but I really haven’t had time to write a new story for this show and I prefer to tell new stories whenever possible.  So I decided to give the traditional storytelling style a chance.  See, when I write my true, personal stories for storytelling, I write them. I try to make them conversational by speaking them aloud while writing and inserting lots of dialogue. Then I memorize them. Word for word.

I have been told that this is crazy. Most storytelling remember major plot points and then fill in the rest through talking. I know the story I am telling on Saturday. It happened to me.  I should, technically, be able to just stand up there and tell people what happened.

So I have been trying. I have “told” it to a couple of friends, and my dog, and the air around me and every time I tell it, it just sounds unpolished and like I am trying to say something but not quite saying it. It sounds a bit like I am telling a longer, more rambling version of the better story within.

The show is just a few days away. I normally have my stories halfway memorized by now. But I think I need to sit down and actually write this one out. The “just tell it” approach is really not making me feel great. It might be the “right way” to do storytelling, but it is not my way.

So it’s back to the drawing board, or laptop, as the case may be. I am going to sit here, write my story, and try to memorize it the way it works best for me, word for word. Come to the show Saturday and see if I succeed!

Our Bodies, Our Selves

June 2nd
Reston Nature House
11450 Glade Drive
Reston, VA 20191
7:00PM and 9:00PM
Buy Tickets Here!

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Vomit is Always a Good Idea

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I told my silly story at Epicure Cafe Saturday night and it was a lot of fun and a big success and I have to say, people just love vomit.  This is the second story I have told that involves throwing up and it always seems to be a crowd pleaser.  Unfortunately, I am pretty sure I have now exhausted my stock in fun, puking incidents, but one can always hope that will change.

Have another storytelling show on June 2nd.  Frankly, I was going to just perform the same story since it’s less than two weeks away and I will be out of town for most of this week, but so many of the people who came to the last show said they are coming to the next one, that now I feel like I need to write a new story.  In fact, I am writing a new story.  No vomit in this one – but there is some peeing so hopefully that will be satisfactory!

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Silly Stories, Serious Fun

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I am busy.  Story of my life.  Okay, no, not really.  That’s a really boring story! But being so busy with work, soooo much work, does make me want lighter fare.  You ever feel that way?  Like how you always want to read a thriller, or a teen novel (these days) or (I guess for some people) a romance while on summer vacation?  I feel like when I am working hard at work I want to write light, and leave the heavy stuff for when I have spare energy.

A friend of mine recently said to me, “I love that you always take it deeper in your stories.  That your stories have a life lesson.”  That was very sweet, and I think some of my more recent stories do, but it’s also something of a burden to live up to. Sometimes I just want to have fun!

My next show is May 19th. Details here. As soon as we picked the theme, I got an idea for a very silly story.  I finished it today, well, minus feedback I am sure I will get at rehearsal.  It’s good.  I mean, it’s funny.  I mean, it feels good to be funny again.  Just a silly piece about a silly night and there is nothing to teach or learn or get out of it other than, hopefully, a few good belly laughs.

Big sigh.  I feel like I just ate a pint of Ben and Jerrys.  Very satisfying!

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