Silly Stories, Serious Fun

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I am busy.  Story of my life.  Okay, no, not really.  That’s a really boring story! But being so busy with work, soooo much work, does make me want lighter fare.  You ever feel that way?  Like how you always want to read a thriller, or a teen novel (these days) or (I guess for some people) a romance while on summer vacation?  I feel like when I am working hard at work I want to write light, and leave the heavy stuff for when I have spare energy.

A friend of mine recently said to me, “I love that you always take it deeper in your stories.  That your stories have a life lesson.”  That was very sweet, and I think some of my more recent stories do, but it’s also something of a burden to live up to. Sometimes I just want to have fun!

My next show is May 19th. Details here. As soon as we picked the theme, I got an idea for a very silly story.  I finished it today, well, minus feedback I am sure I will get at rehearsal.  It’s good.  I mean, it’s funny.  I mean, it feels good to be funny again.  Just a silly piece about a silly night and there is nothing to teach or learn or get out of it other than, hopefully, a few good belly laughs.

Big sigh.  I feel like I just ate a pint of Ben and Jerrys.  Very satisfying!


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