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I Got Published, like, in a book!

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I told this little story a few years ago at a show called “Sucker for Love.” It’s an annual event that I think has run for four or five years. They decided to publish some of the best stories from the past years in a compilation. I am so excited to be a part of this project!

The book will be released on Amazon and Barnes & Noble by February 14th – yes, in time for everybody’s favorite holiday – but you can pre-order the book now, at a reduced rate, from the publisher’s website. Check it out and buy it for the low, low price of just $10 here.

Just a little note on the writing process. My story in the book, “The Game,” was originally written to be performed as spoken word. In other words, it was written for people to listen to. I, and the other authors, had to adapt our stories to fit the written format, filling in details, translating verbal, sarcastic, or audible clues into words on a page, and, to a degree, fleshing out our otherwise brief stories to make a more complete version. It was an interesting challenge and I hope to be asked to do it again someday.

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So, yeah, and then, you know…

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Been a while. I know.

I am usually pretty consistent, (at least in my own head) but I hit a few bumps right after the holidays. Like it being right after the holidays. Or like my computer dying. That was a bad one. Fortunately, my hard drive was fine – no loss of data – but a long loss of productivity.

But excuses aside, it’s time to get back to the work of writing.

I have a few storytelling shows coming up, so I have, at least, been working on them. Tomorrow night I am telling a tale of celebrity (not my own) at “15 Minutes of Fame.” Then, in 2 weeks, I am hosting a storytelling fundraiser for the Reston Nature House. I will also be telling a story there. So, at the very least, I have been working diligently on my growing pool of true, personal stories.

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New Year’s Resolution Help

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I am not so foolish as to post my New Year’s resolutions in a public forum. Someone might expect me to stick to them. For that matter, I have pretty much given up even making them. But I do, sometime between the last day of one year and the first day of the next, find myself thinking, “Hmm, what do I want to accomplish in this new year?” For last year and this year, at least, the answer came back “Finish my novel!”

And that, of course, lead me to the next logical question, “What’s holding me back?” Excuses! That’s what. I got a lot of ’em too. But excuses aside, another big problem in my creative life is time management. Yeah, I am sure no one reading this has ever had that problem. And what, do you think, is the biggest waste of time not in my schedule? I would have to say the internet. In my case, really, Facebook. Not sure why, but I feel a compulsion to check it every few hours to see how my friend’s breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and TV watching are going.

Enter a solution. I was listening to the Kojo Nnamdi show a couple weeks ago. Kojo is on WAMU, our DC area NPR station. The (more…)

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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone achieves all their writing and creative goals in 2013!

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