The way I distinguish “storytelling” from my other writing is that these are true life experiences.  When I say I am performing a story, I mean I am standing up in front of a crowd, telling a story about something that I actually experienced in my life.  Most of my stories are not really for kids. Guess that’s just the kind of girl I am. The type of storytelling I do often contains mature subject matters.

Performing a story also means that I am not doing a reading.  Though the stories are written out, they are performed from memory. And hopefully they feel more personal than just a reading.

The following video clips are all from performances I gave at SpeakeasyDC, Better Said Than Done, Fan-Freaking-Tastic, or various other venues and events.  I am CEO and lead storyteller at Better Said Than Done, so visit that website for updates on upcoming storytelling shows.

I recently re-ordered these to put my favorite stories in descending order from best to just eh. Write me if you disagree.

Watch Death, Cancer, and the F-Bomb

Funny story about my dad dying of cancer. The F-word is used quite often. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Watch  SCUBA for Love

This was my very first Speakeasy performance back in March of 2007!  The theme was “Fool for Love,” and I told about what lengths I was willing to go to when I was young and in love.

Watch The Orphan’s Angels

This was my story about my run in with a notorious fraudster.

Watch Blue Balled

For the theme of Eureka Moments, I told a little story about how naive I was back in my more virginal days.

Watch The Game

This was for SpeakeasyDC’s Valentine’s Show. It was a great audience and a great arena for telling a story of misguided love.

Watch Daddy’s Car

The story of how my relationship with my dad changed after he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer.

Watch Not Your Mother’s Honeymoon

The story of a honeymoon destined for drama.

Watch Alcohol 101

My introduction to drinking.

Watch Fun with Movies

A story about the crazy lifestyle of a production assistant in the feature film industry.

Watch My First Marathon

A story about trying to train for and run a marathon.

Watch My Cooter

This is one of three stories I performed for “Oh Mother!” – nature stories at the Nature House in Reston.

Watch Sucking Face

This is one of three stories I performed for “Oh Mother!” – the story of my first kiss.

Watch Getting Mugged

This is the story of the time I got mugged in Brooklyn.  Just goes to show, you should never mess with a Jersey girl.

Watch Love and Vomit

This was a performance I did for Fan-Freaking-Tastic.  It’s a re-telling of my SCUBA story, but I punched up the comedy a little since the venue and audience was more geared towards that than strict “storytelling.”

Watch Spidey and his Amazing Friends

For the Nerd Show I told a story of how I got into comic books.

Watch Touchdown Assist

The theme for this story was Unexpected Favors, and I talked about how I helped a guy who developed an unexpected crush.

Watch Eviction Notice

Becoming a landlord was not the best experience for me.

Watch Puppy Love

How my black labrador retriever stole my mom’s heart.

Watch Explosion of Fireworks

Story of my not so successful attempt to get my boyfriend to propose to me.

Watch The True Meaning of Christmas

What Christmas used to mean to me changed dramatically after a family tragedy.

Watch Speed Bump

The story of my stand off with a NYC Cab.

Watch Unlucky in Love

Dating and weight issues don’t go great together.

Watch Dating 101

The rules of dating, as repeated one too many times by everyone in the world.

Watch The Princess Bride Torture

For “Media Blitz: the stories that changed our lives,” I told about the torture scenes in “The Princess Bride” changed my life.

Watch Hot Date

Story about my not-so-hot experience with online dating told at Better Said Than Done’s “Summer Lovin.'”

Watch Strange Dates

Strange People inspired me to talk about my experience as a single lady and all the fun people I got to date.

Watch Part One and then follow it with Part Two

In April, 2008, I was the featured performer for SpeakeasyDC.  Basically, I got to tell a story in 15 minutes rather than 7. My story involves a mugging, an angry cabbie, and some live bears.

If you are interested in Storytelling, you can find information about upcoming performances or sign up at



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