Pregnant Story

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I told a twenty-two minute story at the last Better Said Than Done storytelling show. The theme of the night was “When I Grow Up,” and my story was about the little girl I gave birth to seven months ago, or, rather, about my pregnancy with that little girl.

This was the hardest story I have ever told. It’s funny, I have told two stories about my dad dying of cancer, and one about my mom, and didn’t even flinch getting through them. Tell one story about the potential dangers my little girl faced, and I was crying through half of rehearsal. One of the storytellers, during rehearsal, even made it a point to tell me that crying on stage probably wouldn’t “play well” with the audience. I, of course, know this. But the fact that she felt she needed to say something, shows you what a mess I was during rehearsal.

Here is the video of my performance of the story a week later. You can judge for yourself whether I pulled it off.


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Storytelling Show this Saturday

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Best Storytelling Show

My storytelling troupe, Better Said Than Done, recently voted the “Best Performing Arts Company in Virginia” by Virginia Living Magazine, is celebrating our 2 year anniversary this Saturday with a storytelling show and contest.

Details below, or you can always find upcoming storytelling shows here.

Better Said Than Done is celebrating our two year anniversary in May with a storytelling contest. Join the storytellers you chose as your favorites, for a night of true, personal storytelling – to the death! Okay, really, they are just competing for cash prizes. But come out and vote for your favorite story of the night.

The Art of War: Competing, Fighting, and Winning
Saturday, May 25th, 2013
**The Auld Shebeen
3971 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, VA
7:00PM Show
Doors Open at 6:00PM
$10 Tickets Available at the door (Cash preferred)


Storytellers include: Noa Baum, Kevin Boggs, Jason Conner, Dustin Fisher, Cara Foran, David Supley Foxworth, Jennifer Luu, Anna Marie Trester and Michael Zhuang. Hosted by Jessica Piscitelli Robinson


**For parking and entry info, and more about The Auld Shebeen, click here.


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This Year’s Stories

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I just realized I haven’t updated my videos since January.  I have told at least one story a month since then, for Better said Than Done, as well as at some other storytelling venues.  Here are the videos and a brief description of what’s kept me busy this year.

I told this story for Better Said Than Done’s “15 Minutes of Fame” show. It’s a new version of a story I had told six years ago. I think it’s gotten better, now that I have a bit more storytelling experience under my belt.  Watch the video here.

In February, I told two stories. This first one was for a fundraiser for Reston Nature House.  It’s a story about trying to run my first marathon. Watch that story here.  Then I did my usual Better Said Than Done storytelling night at Epicure Cafe.  This one was for “Road to the Altar,” and is all about the dumb advice you get as a single lady.  Watch the video here. Strangely I mention a marathon in that one too.

The March storytelling show was all about being a geek.  Watch my story about comic books here.

And finally, a few week’s ago, I told about the part of “The Princess Bride” that changed my life.  Here’s that video.

I am hosting the May 25th Better Said Than Done storytelling show and contest.  It’s our two year anniversary, and promises to be a fantastic show.  If you like storytelling or are interested is seeing some amazing storytellers compete in a contest to the death (more like to the pain!), then come on out to the show.  Details about “The Art of War” here.


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Storytelling Teacher, nay, Coach

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I am so behind on blogging. The good news is, it’s because I have been so busy! I have been writing, and working, and storytelling.  Lots of storytelling.

I am going to, in the next few days, I think, get around to sharing videos and notes from my last few storytelling shows, but wanted to take a moment to talk about what I will be busy with next Saturday – teaching.  Specifically, teaching storytelling.

My storytelling company, Better Said Than Done, has been offering storytelling workshops for over a year now.  I do share the responsibility of teaching with three other wonderful storytellers, so haven’t lead every workshop, but have been involved in quite a few at this point and I love it.

Better Said Than Done StorytellingOne of my students said to me, “You are not really teaching so much as coaching” and I thought that sounded perfect.  In our workshops, we do offer notes on structure, tips on character building, and general guidance from our years as writers and storytellers, but a big part of what we do is listen to the students, listen to their stories, and then help them figure out what they are trying to say.  It’s the part I love best, because it is always new and exciting, especially for the students, who get to have that “aha moment” when it finally clicks – “that’s what I meant!”

You don’t always get those moments, on your own, as a writer.  So it’s nice to help others find those moments. It’s great to help people discover something that might have taken them a long time to figure out or that maybe they would have otherwise missed.

I am teaching one more workshop, on May 11th, before I take a break to deal with having a baby, and other pressing matters. I already have a four week workshop lined up for September, and am excited for that to start. I am sure the newborn, due August 1st, will be able to take care of herself by then.

If interested in signing up for my last storytelling workshop for a while, read more about it here.  And hurry up and register, because it’s less than a week away!

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Storytelling Contest with Videos

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My storytelling troupe, Better Said Than Done, is celebrating our two-year anniversary with a storytelling contest. The top 25 storytellers were chosen by an independent panel of judges. As owner, I kept myself out of the contest, so am not in the running, but am excited to see who the top ten finalist will be.
It’s up to the public to pick the top ten. Videos of the 25 best stories have been gathered in one playlist. We are asking fans of storytelling to go to the contest page and view the playlist of the top 25 stories. After viewing the videos, fans can vote for their favorite story. One vote per person. Voting closes on Sunday, April 14, 2013, at midnight.

The top ten storytellers, based on the number of votes received for their stories, will be announced on April 15, 2013 on our blog, as well as our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed. Each of these storytellers will then be asked to prepare a new story for the anniversary show on May 25, 2013. (more…)

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Vote on Your Favorite

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I don’t usually solicit feedback like this, but thought it might be fun to get your opinion. I have been asked to perform at a comedy explosion. Don’t know what that is? Well, one day there will be explosions of comedy all over the world and then we will all live in love and laughter and peace. But until then, it’s basically a variety show.

They said I could do any story I want so long as it’s funny so I was thinking of finding out from you which one of my stories is the funniest. I have up to 8 minutes and all of these fit within that time limit.

If you get through all three – great – tell me your favorite. If you only have time to watch one or two, just tell me funny or not. You can comment or email me directly. Thanks in advance for your hard work!

Funny story about my dad dying of cancer – no, really.

My first time getting drunk. Ah, how innocent I was!

First, and I think only, time a guy claimed blue balls on me.

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Independence Day Stories

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My next storytelling show with Better Said Than Done – the best performance act in Virginia according to Virginia Living Magazine –  is just over a week away and we are going to bring the fireworks.  Join Better Said Than Done for an explosive night of storytelling!

Independence Day: stories of declarations, freedom, and fireworks
Saturday, June 30, 2012
Epicure Cafe
11213 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA
7:00PM Show
Doors Open at 6:00PM
$10 Tickets at Door (Cash Preferred)

The performance will feature entertaining performances of true, explosive stories. Storytellers include: Geraldine Buckley, Lisa Kays, Jessica Piscitelli, Mojdeh Rezaeipour, Adam Ruben, Ellouise Schoettler, John Tong and Michael Zhuang.

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Silly Stories, Serious Fun

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I am busy.  Story of my life.  Okay, no, not really.  That’s a really boring story! But being so busy with work, soooo much work, does make me want lighter fare.  You ever feel that way?  Like how you always want to read a thriller, or a teen novel (these days) or (I guess for some people) a romance while on summer vacation?  I feel like when I am working hard at work I want to write light, and leave the heavy stuff for when I have spare energy.

A friend of mine recently said to me, “I love that you always take it deeper in your stories.  That your stories have a life lesson.”  That was very sweet, and I think some of my more recent stories do, but it’s also something of a burden to live up to. Sometimes I just want to have fun!

My next show is May 19th. Details here. As soon as we picked the theme, I got an idea for a very silly story.  I finished it today, well, minus feedback I am sure I will get at rehearsal.  It’s good.  I mean, it’s funny.  I mean, it feels good to be funny again.  Just a silly piece about a silly night and there is nothing to teach or learn or get out of it other than, hopefully, a few good belly laughs.

Big sigh.  I feel like I just ate a pint of Ben and Jerrys.  Very satisfying!

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What the f…?

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At the storytelling show I was in last weekend, a woman came up to me and pointed at me and laughed. Normally, that might be off putting, but followed by, “Your story is the reason we came,” well, that softens the blow a little.

Of course, the next thing she said was, “I loved the story about your dad. It was so funny! I sent that video of you to all my friends to get them to come.”

It took me a minute to recover. After she said that the story about my dad was funny, I got mentally stuck on that. I mean, the last story I told about my dad was a pretty depressing/uplifting tale about how our relationship changed after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. So I got stuck on thinking, “This lady’s messed up!”

Of course, then I remembered the first story I told about my dad. It was, in fact, very funny. Or, in honor of my dad’s memory, very f*@king funny!

Here’s the video she sent to all her friends, the funny one about my dad:


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Get Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day

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Join Better Said Than Done for our next storytelling performance on St. Patrick’s Day.

“Luck of the Irish”
Stories of rotten luck, beginner’s luck and luck of the draw

Jammin’ Java
227 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, Virginia
Saturday, March 17, 2012
7:00 PM/Doors open 6:00PM

The performance will feature entertaining performances of true stories about smart people and dumb luck. Storytellers include: Stephanie Garibaldi, Katie Kelly, Mel Harkrader Pine, Jessica Piscitelli, Adam Ruben, John Tong, and Anna Marie Trester. Additionally, Better Said Than Done welcomes first time teller Carlos Escobar to the stage.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance at or 703-255-1566 ext. 8, or at Jammin’ Java.

A full dinner menu and full bar are available during the show. Seating will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The show is all ages, but is intended for an adult audience.

Watch a promo for the show here:

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