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Heading to Camp

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I am going camping.  The National Novel Writing Month people are hosting a summer camp this July, and I have already been assigned a cabin.  Unfortunately, this is not the fun kind of summer camp, ie “Meatballs.”  This is a virtual camp, where the goal is to write a novel in a month.  But at least there is less chance of getting Lyme disease at this camp.

If you are interested in finding out more, or jumping in, check out the website:

I like that they offer a word count goal and that they help break it down for you in terms of how many words you need to write per day.  I arbitrarily chose 50,000 as my goal, as I believe that is a reasonable word count for a novel.  The camp counselors broke that down for me into 1600 words a day.  Basically, to write 50,000 words in a month, I have to average 1600 words per day.

As much as that actually sounds do-able, I am kind of cheating.  I have about 20,000 words already written. So, for me, this novel in a month thing should be a piece of cake, or a piece of s’mores.  (And I am sure it will be! :-))

In any case, if you are looking for a little motivation to write this July, check out summer camp.  It’s free, and you don’t even have to take a school bus to get there.

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What I Learned from Sharp Objects

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I have been confined to my bed. It sounds so romantic when you say it that way. Better than “bed rest,” in any case.  And, in truth, thankfully, they have recently given me permission to do things like sit up, so it’s more like chair rest.

Still, for the sake of the monster growing in my belly, I am supposed to take it easy, which means I get to do a little summer reading, a couple weeks early.

I figured I would try to find a few good books that may be similar in style or content to the novel I am trying to finish.  I had heard a lot of good things about “Gone Girl,” which seems to be this season’s “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” but when I went to buy it on Amazon, I liked the premise of “Sharp Objects” better, so got that one instead.

I was very happy with the book – which took me about 3 bed rest days to read. I am not about to write a review of it other than to say it moved at a quick pace, kept me interested, and I liked and sympathized with the main character.

What was great for me, personally, was to see how much detail and information Gillian Flynn included about location and character in each chapter.  My critics – meaning friends who are reading my chapters for me – keep telling me that my novel is moving too quickly, that they need me to give them more information about the characters, about the world I am creating.  And I keep balking. I am writing an action/thriller after all.  It should move quickly.  I don’t want to slow it down or bore people with too much information.


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