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Not so much an ending…

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A while back I posted about how the end was nigh – meaning the end of my writing career as I knew it. I was referring to the fact that I was about to have a baby. While it is true that all of my free time, and most of my quality sleep time, have vanished, all is not lost.

I was afraid for my writing career on two fronts. First, the lack of time. And yeah, that part I am still trying to work out. Secondly, that I would become one of those people who could only talk about their kids and that there’d be no more creative storytelling. I mean, seriously, you can only tell so many “my kid is a genius” stories before people start to get bored.
baby stories
Happily, I believe, I have not completely dried up on original storytelling. Of course, my novel is pure fiction and has very little, if anything, to do with babies. Then, I just told a true, personal story for Better Said Than Done a few nights ago that also had nothing to do with babies, or at least, actual babies. (It was about a guy I dated who was a child in his own right, but old enough to feed himself and not need diapers.) So, it seems, I can keep mining those classic life events.
But I have told two baby stories, I must confess. My hope is that I have found ways to make potentially stale, overused, material seem fresh.

My first post baby, baby story was actually about breastfeeding, and how it doesn’t quite stand up to all the wonderful descriptions of it they sell you in the baby books. My follow up story was about my pregnancy, and how that was a bit of a nightmare for me, in what I am pretty sure was an unique experience. Both stories went over very well with the live audiences, and have been viewed quite a bit online. (At least as compared to my other stories)

Maybe telling stories about a huge, life changing experience that happens to be shared by a lot of people isn’t the worst thing you could do.  Maybe I’ll even tell a few more.  In fact, I have been working on this great one about how my baby is a genius!

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Pregnant Story

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I told a twenty-two minute story at the last Better Said Than Done storytelling show. The theme of the night was “When I Grow Up,” and my story was about the little girl I gave birth to seven months ago, or, rather, about my pregnancy with that little girl.

This was the hardest story I have ever told. It’s funny, I have told two stories about my dad dying of cancer, and one about my mom, and didn’t even flinch getting through them. Tell one story about the potential dangers my little girl faced, and I was crying through half of rehearsal. One of the storytellers, during rehearsal, even made it a point to tell me that crying on stage probably wouldn’t “play well” with the audience. I, of course, know this. But the fact that she felt she needed to say something, shows you what a mess I was during rehearsal.

Here is the video of my performance of the story a week later. You can judge for yourself whether I pulled it off.


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