Half an Hour Down, 1 Hour to Go

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I performed my first 30 minute long storytelling show last week and I have to say I loved it. It wasn’t ideal circumstances, and it was quite a challenge, but it was a good experience and I look forward to tackling what I see as the next step in storytelling, the one hour show.

To back track a little, I was asked to cover for another storyteller at a performance she was supposed to give last week but couldn’t, due to a family emergency. I had six day’s notice to prepare and memorize thirty minutes, so I am afraid I didn’t write any new material. Instead, I took three different stories I had written in the past, created a frame to tie them all together, along with a few changes to the content, and then told them as a set.

I presented my 30 minutes as the essentials of life – work, love, and death. I started the journey with a version of this story I had performed about two years ago for SpeakeasyDC.

I thought starting with work would be a good way to warm the audience and ease them into my sense of humor and storytelling style. The story got a good response, but the next one I told was much more successful, at least as far as the decibel of the laughs I heard. In love, I rehashed the story I had told at the 2011 Sucker for Love show.

It turned out to be a good transition piece, because it started with laughs, where I had left the audience with the first story, and then ended on a somber note, where my next story, on death, picked up. This was a very personal piece I had written for the last Better Said Than Done performance I gave at Jammin’ Java.

I must say, it was really gratifying during this story to see the audience, because there were several people who were just flat out crying. And I know it sounds a little weird to be happy to have made a bunch of people cry, but considering the content of the story, that made me feel like it was a success.

Of course, now I would like to shoot for writing that one hour show. I know I can do it. I just have to finish my novel first!

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On Tap Magazine Article about Storytelling

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On Tap Magazine featured Better Said Than Done, my storytelling company, in their October issue.

Check out the great article and my interview here.

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GalTime Blogs Upcoming Show

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I was excited to find out that “Summer Lovin’ – A Hot Night of Cool Stories,” my upcoming show at Jammin’ Java is featured in this week’s GalTime. Check out the fantastic blog by Trish Cole here.

After you are revved up from reading all about it, buy tickets to the show here!

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Storytelling – “The World’s Second Oldest Profession”

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DC Modern Luxury Magazine recently wrote an excellent article on storytelling’s popularity in the DC market.
Quoted in the article are my fellow storytellers, Amy Saidman and Vijai Nathan, and, of course, me.

It was great exposure for the art of storytelling as well as for Better Said Than Done!

See what they had to say about “DC’s favorite nighttime pursuit” in this article by Danny Harris.

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Storytelling for Professionals

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The seminar Freddi Donner and I ran at McLean Bible Church, for their career network, was a great success.  Freddi put together the program and hand outs and ran most of the show.  I was there mostly as a storyteller.  Freddi introduced me and I told the story of my career as a filmmaker, videographer, and, ultimately, business owner.  The idea was to illustrate challenges and successes, and hopefully to show people how challenges can turn into successes.

I really enjoyed working with Freddi, and I enjoyed presenting a story to a group of professionals, catered to a professional environment.  The great thing about storytelling is that it is unique to the individual, but everyone has stories that can be adapted to different environments.  I have told stories about marathon running, hiking, SCUBA diving, love, dating, being a woman and business.  Some of those stories were for performances that were for laughs or fun, and some of them were for professional seminars and were meant to educate or to motivate.

I look forward to creating more unique stories designed to fit a lot of different environments in the future.  Being flexible about storytelling is both a challenge and something I hope will be another success.


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SpeakeasyDC Does Love

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I finally got around to editing and posted the videos of all the fantastic SpeakeasyDC performer’s stories at “The Perils and Pleasures of Romance” Show at Dance Place. The show was a sold out success and you can see for yourself how great all the performances were.

Here are the videos of the performers, in order of appearance.
Host Ayanna Dookie

Allison Kirsch

Jennifer Luu

Joseph Price

Jeffrey Brady

Jessica Piscitelli

Christopher Love

Adam Ruben

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SpeakeasyDC Valentine’s Show

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“The Perils and Pleasures of Romance,” brought to you by SpeakeasyDC, was a challenging show for me.  Lots of things in my life were conspiring to keep me from doing the show, to the point where I was truly afraid it wouldn’t happen.

In my personal life, I am dealing with the illness of a loved one.  We have just had to start at home hospice care, and that home is about 350 miles from where I live, so all my non existent spare time this month has been spent either traveling to or helping out in NJ.  Of course, this is what one does when a family member needs you, but it has been both physically and emotionally draining.

A week before the show, I woke up with a sore throat.  Now, I memorize the good old fashioned way – through repetition.  I am sure there are better ways to do this, but it’s worked for me all these years so, gosh darn it, I am sticking with it.  The only problem is, if you get a sore throat the week you are supposed to be memorizing, it really puts a cramp in your style.  Then of course, four days before the show, my ear exploded, at least, that’s what it felt like.  More specifically, it was like someone shoved a hot poker into my ear, something I think I’ve seen done on “The Tudors” but hoped never to actually experience.  The sore throat, my doctor explained, led to an ear infection.  Thankfully, that led to antibiotics.

By the time our night before rehearsal came around, I was feeling mostly better – though the rehearsal ran past 8PM, my bedtime that week.  When we finally got around to story time, I started off strong and then, well, then I kind of forgot my train of thought.  I got it back after starting and stopping a few times but, considering the show was TOMORROW, I was not feeling too good about my memorization.

The other minor crinkle in things was that the show was in Northeast D.C.  This was fine, except that when SpeakeasyDC originally posted about the show, they listed it as NW – the information I had used on my blog and to send to all my friends and, for that matter, to get to rehearsal.  I ended up not being too late, thanks to having left myself plenty of time, but did have to do some scrambling that night to let everyone know about the change.

Saturday night arrived.  Dance Place had apparently sold over 100 tickets and was hopeful that they would sell out the other 100 by show time.  Show time arrived – 7PM – and the seats were looking um, well, empty.  It is always, in my opinion, harder to perform to a few people than a lot of people.  But even friends I knew were coming hadn’t arrived yet.  I think the location maybe threw some people for a loop.  We held the curtain and sure enough, by 7:15P, the place was sold out.

The show itself went great.  All of the performers were fantastic.  I will be posting more about them and videos of their stories soon, but it was a great show overall.  I felt like I hiccuped in the middle, but I had just a ton of people come up to me after the show – strangers! – who told me that they loved my story.  That felt really good and made the struggle to get to the performance so worth it.

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I am speaking at TEDx Glen Echo on December 8th, 2010. The event is a women’s conference so my presentation/story is about the status of women in society. It’s a fairly heady topic, but I feel up to the task. I am excited to be associated with TEDx. I have enjoyed watching their programs online in the past and am happy now to be one of their programs!

For more information, see below.

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Press for Storytelling Show

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Well, it’s not the NY Times or the Washington Post, but it is still exciting to see my name, and all the “Oh Mother!” performer’s names in print.  The Reston Connection recently posted an article about the Nature House Storytelling Fundraiser I put together and hosted.  We raised nearly $1000 and I told three stories that evening, in addition to hosting, so the article doesn’t cover everything – BUT, it was a good review and a positive reaction to the idea of storytelling events at Nature House.

Read the full article here! Or see the reprint below.

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I’ve Been Blogged

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Last week a WAMU listener wrote me to ask if she could post my latest commentary on her blog.  It’s fun to find out that not only are people hearing my commentaries, some of them actually like what they hear!

You can read my commentary and her blog here.

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