My Year in Writing

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When thinking about this past year in writing, I find that I can’t decide if I am a glass is half full or half empty kind of a person. Generally, in life, I tend to look at all angles. So, was it a good year? Yes. Could it have been better? Most definitely. Could it have been worse? Certainly.

For the sake of limiting my word count – so many words to write, but I need to save them for my novel – I am going to focus on the positive.

My storytelling troupe, Better Said Than Done, put on 11 storytelling shows in Northern Virginia. We were once again voted the “Best Performing Arts Company in NoVa” by Virginia Living Magazine. The attendance at the May show was somewhat disappointing, but every other show this year was packed, and all the storytellers were great. I personally told 9 stories, 8 of them at Better Said Than Done events – all true, personal, and new. It has been fantastic to watch the audience for storytelling in Virginia grow and grow and I look forward to our 2015 shows – just not so much to coming up with 9 more new stories.

The year of novel writing started out with me taking a fantastic workshop called “Publishing Your Manuscript.” I learned a lot about writing a query letter, finding an agent, and getting my manuscript publish ready. There’s another class in January, 2015. I cannot recommend it enough if you are working on a novel, a memoir, or any other book you’d like to one day see published. Here’s info on it:

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Rejection opens doors

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So, I keep forgetting to check my special “writing” email address.  I figure now that I am submitting to a ton of places (and yes, most of them make you fill out all sorts of info and/or subscribe before submitting), I didn’t want to use my normal email address.  So I got a fresh one and promptly fogot to check it.

I remember every week or so.  And I know, you are thinking, but what about all those offers that are pouring in while you are forgetting to check your email?  Well, that’s what I think, at least, every time I do remember.  Alas, I generally just find, like I did today, that I have a couple more rejections to post to my duotrope tracker.

The way I look at it though, is every time a piece I’ve submitted gets rejected, that piece of writing is mine again.  It’s like, when it is out there, in the hands of an editor, it’s been optioned, like a screenplay.  I can’t do anything else with it while that editor is thinking it over.  So, that rejection letter is like a green light for me.  That story is free at last!  It can move on to bigger, and I am quite certain, better places.

So, yeah, that’s the slant I am going with this week.

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SWAN Day in the Washington Post

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Even though I wasn’t personally mentioned in the various performances to check out, 🙂  I am still pretty excited that SWAN Day was listed as something fun to do this weekend in the Washington Post.

Read the full article here!

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