Urban Fantasy Novel Caged by JP Robinson

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I have been busy finishing and publishing my first novel, Caged.  I’m so excited it’s finally here and available for purchase.

Caged, by JP Robinson

Caged is an urban fantasy set in modern day Northern Virginia.  I describe it as “X-Files” meets “Die Hard.”

Or, for a slightly longer description, there’s this:

A scientist and the federal agent who is hoping to keep her alive are trapped in a building with a horde of hungry vampires. It wouldn’t be that unusual of a night, if it weren’t for the zombies.

I have been busy with writing the book, publishing the book, promoting the book and working on the sequel. I have sadly neglected this blog. However, I have, as part of promoting my urban fantasy trilogy, launched a new website and a new blog. If you’d like to follow the journey of Caged, and the V to Z Trilogy, you can find me at JPRobinsonWriter.com.  I hope to see you there, at book signings, and, as always, at my storytelling shows.


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Novel Writing

I did it! I am done. I typed “the end,” and I meant it!

Yeah, so, like, three weeks ago, I finished writing my very first novel. Phew! It’s about time, too. Two and a half years of work – done! It feels great. Not quite like giving birth (having done that recently too, I should know), but kind of like creating a new life.

I have been keeping very busy since completing the novel. First of all, lots of getting back to my day job (I kind of crammed the completion of this book once the end was in sight). But I have also revised the entire book, after sending it to a few trusted readers for comments and critique.

While writing this novel, I realized I was writing the first book of a trilogy, so now I have two more books to write. Big sigh! But having finished one, I know I can write the next two.

There were a lot of things I figured out along the way. The good news is, I have a really clear idea of what I want the second and third book to be about, what the main plots points are, and who the main characters are. I had to work through a lot of that for the first book. My hope is that the next two will take no more than a year each.

In the meantime, I have sent a query letter off to a literary agency. It’s a bit ballsy, but I would like to have an agent represent my first book while I work on the next two. Seems like a good plan to me. So, you know, if you are an awesome literary agent looking for a great speculative fiction trilogy, let me know and I swear you will love my query letter!

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The Year of Writing in Review

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Well, WordPress has just sent me a little update pointing out the obvious – I did not do much in the way of blogging this year.  I will say that I have managed to write a little, since the birth of my daughter, but have had to prioritize my time to focus on projects that were under deadline, like my storytelling shows.

Writing in 2014

I would like to say that I have a handle on things now and should be back on track for finishing my novel and continuing my storytelling in 2014.  I know the storytelling will continue, as I am committed already to many shows.  I will get back to my novel eventually and I do hope it is sooner than later.

I am always being inspired by wise words from writers and friends, or impressive actions or successes.  Recently I was inspired by a good friend of mine who started her own blog. She is being somewhat hush, hush about it, so I won’t share a link, but the most inspiring part of the whole thing is that she committed to writing 500 words a day and she has been doing it!

I love that idea. It’s not goal setting, it’s a commitment.  For 2014, what I need to do is commit to finishing my novel, like I have committed to showing up prepared to every storytelling show.  I need to commit to a certain number of words or a certain amount of time each day and then just make it happen, like I make all my other responsibilities happen.

So, rather than a resolution for 2014, I am setting myself a task.  In honor of my friend, and her success, I am marking my calendar with 500 words a day.  It’s not the fastest way to complete a novel, but it sure beats no words a day.

For now, I will leave off with wishing you a Happy New Year. I hope  that you fulfill all your commitments in 2014, and that they fulfill you in return!

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The End is Nigh

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Maybe I am being a bit too dramatic, but it is a little hard to feel like my writing career, the thing I have been working on in my spare time because it brings in no money, is not about to come to an end.  Or, at least, a long hiatus.  And the reason why? I am about to get a little bundle of joy, and a huge sucker of time and money.

Jessica Pregnant

That’s right, I am having me a baby. And I am really excited.  I don’t want to sound like a terrible mother just yet.  I assume I will hear that a lot in oh, about 12 years.  But, for now, at least, I am looking forward to the arrival of my little angel, really, even if it seems like I have to put some of those other little things, like my hopes and dreams, on hold.


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Heading to Camp

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I am going camping.  The National Novel Writing Month people are hosting a summer camp this July, and I have already been assigned a cabin.  Unfortunately, this is not the fun kind of summer camp, ie “Meatballs.”  This is a virtual camp, where the goal is to write a novel in a month.  But at least there is less chance of getting Lyme disease at this camp.

If you are interested in finding out more, or jumping in, check out the website: www.campnanowrimo.org

I like that they offer a word count goal and that they help break it down for you in terms of how many words you need to write per day.  I arbitrarily chose 50,000 as my goal, as I believe that is a reasonable word count for a novel.  The camp counselors broke that down for me into 1600 words a day.  Basically, to write 50,000 words in a month, I have to average 1600 words per day.

As much as that actually sounds do-able, I am kind of cheating.  I have about 20,000 words already written. So, for me, this novel in a month thing should be a piece of cake, or a piece of s’mores.  (And I am sure it will be! :-))

In any case, if you are looking for a little motivation to write this July, check out summer camp.  It’s free, and you don’t even have to take a school bus to get there.

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