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I was excited to find out that “Summer Lovin’ – A Hot Night of Cool Stories,” my upcoming show at Jammin’ Java is featured in this week’s GalTime. Check out the fantastic blog by Trish Cole here.

After you are revved up from reading all about it, buy tickets to the show here!

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Summer Lovin’ at Jammin’ Java

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For more information about the kind of storytelling that is true, personal stories performed for entertainment, go to or come to our show at Jammin’ Java.  If you are looking for things to do in Northern Virginia, this is a great night out.

Better Said Than Done is where to go in Virginia for storytelling events .

I would like to thank Bart Robinson, of Dynavision/FX for the design of our logo and the design of this poster.  Dynavision/FX usually focuses their design skills on 2D motion graphic design, 3d animation and visual effects for film, television, and the web.  So a  special thanks for the great graphics work!






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Story at McLean Bible Church

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I will be performing a story tonight at McLean Bible Church as part of a larger presentation. Freddi Donner, of Business Stamina, is giving a presentation on “Finding the Job You Want,” and is incorporated themes of being true to yourself and self discovery. My ten minute story focuses a bit on my career and the life that lead me to where I am today.

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Finding Humor in Cancer

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At my most recent storytelling show, I performed a story about my dad dying of cancer.  The response surprised me.  I was truly worried that it would just make the audience uncomfortable – but they enjoyed it.  I got a lot of laughs and applause and, afterwards, a lot of people came up to me and said that my story really moved them – which also surprised me.  It was a pretty blue story, and definitely meant as humorous, so I was happy to hear people connected to my personal experience.

Watch the video to see what I mean.  BE CAREFUL!  I used the f word approximately 10 times.

After the shows, all of the performers were hanging out and talking about how it went.  One of the guys made a comment about my story being a big hit and then someone else remarked, “Well, it’s easy to be successful when you are talking about your DAD DYING OF CANCER.  I mean, who’s not gonna like that?”  He was teasing me, I know, but it bugged me a little, specifically because I can’t think of a harder topic to make entertaining than “death by cancer.” 

It’s sort of the white whale of comedy – laughs from death or humor in cancer, take your pick. My mom died of cancer in 2003, and I always avoided telling her story. There was a feeling of it being taboo, or plain depressing. But after my dad died, still quite recently, I just felt like it would not only be a tribute he would appreciate to tell about him, but also that it was a story other people who have survived the death or illness of a loved one would appreciate.

In loving memory of my dad, David Piscitelli April 1, 1942 – March 4, 2011

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Videos of Laws

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The Laws of Nature performance on April 2nd was a big success.  Our first show was sold out even before the night arrived.  Our second show was full.  Both shows were fantastic, with great stories by all the performers.  I have included links to videos of all the performances below – in the order of the night.

Adam Ruben


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Laws of Nature – Meet the Performers

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Our next storytelling event is here – April 2nd!

Laws (and Suggestions) of Nature

Stories about defying gravity, surviving Murphy’s Law and fighting, when flight would have been smarter.

(Please note, these stories are NOT for children.)

April 2nd, 2011

Click below to BUY TICKETS FOR:

7PM Show

9PM Show

Nature House Auditorium – Walker Nature Education Center

11450 Glade Dr., Reston, VA 20191.

Refreshments on sale (coffee, sodas, snacks)

Here are videos of each of stories performed in the past by each of the wonderful storytellers you will see on April 2nd.  Like the night of the performance, many of these videos are NOT for children!

Hosted by Jessica Piscitelli

Storytellers include:


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Laws (and Suggestions) of Nature

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Click Here to Purchase Tickets to the 7PM Show!

Click Here to Purchase Tickets to the 9PM Show!

Special thanks to Doug Fuller for designing the poster.  Check out Doug’s graphic design work here!





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Fan-Freaking-Tastic Birthday

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I will be performing this Saturday, December 18th, at Chief Ike’s.  The lovely Vijai Nathan is having a birthday, and bringing out the Fan-Freaking-Tastic troop of performers to celebrate.

Chief Ike’s Mambo Room

1725 Columbia Road, NW

Washington, DC

Doors open at 7 pm and you can chill to the delightful tunes of the band “Perfect Squares” (formerly known as Not My Sister)

Performers Include:

Slam Poets Gayle Danley, Gowri Koneswaran & Jonathan B. Tucker

Comedy and Stories from:

Stephanie Garibaldi, Ayana Dookie, Amy Couchoud, Derek Hills, Joe Price, Mike Kane, Meredith Maslich, Jason Pittman, Amy Saidman & Jessica Piscitelli.

BANJO: Lester Feder!

A “Glee”ful performance from Kevin Boggs & and his crew of Beefcake.

Tix: 15$ (or ten with Fringe Button!)



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TEDxGlenEcho – The Future of Women

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Here’s a video of my story for the “Future of Women” event for TEDxGlenEcho.

If you prefer to read the script, or just want to read along and see where I messed up, here’s the text:

“I Am Not a Girl”

By Jessica Piscitelli

There are more women in the world than men, more women than men enter college every year, and 85% of all purchases are made by women.   Women rule!  So, why doesn’t it feel like it?  Why don’t I feel like my needs as a consumer, a business owner, and a culture junky are being met?


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I am speaking at TEDx Glen Echo on December 8th, 2010. The event is a women’s conference so my presentation/story is about the status of women in society. It’s a fairly heady topic, but I feel up to the task. I am excited to be associated with TEDx. I have enjoyed watching their programs online in the past and am happy now to be one of their programs!

For more information, see below.

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