The End is Nigh

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Maybe I am being a bit too dramatic, but it is a little hard to feel like my writing career, the thing I have been working on in my spare time because it brings in no money, is not about to come to an end.  Or, at least, a long hiatus.  And the reason why? I am about to get a little bundle of joy, and a huge sucker of time and money.

Jessica Pregnant

That’s right, I am having me a baby. And I am really excited.  I don’t want to sound like a terrible mother just yet.  I assume I will hear that a lot in oh, about 12 years.  But, for now, at least, I am looking forward to the arrival of my little angel, really, even if it seems like I have to put some of those other little things, like my hopes and dreams, on hold.

A friend of mine, that I was certainly overly dramatically declaring my fears of the end of life as we know it to, told me I shouldn’t worry too much. He pointed out that JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series when she had kids, and that there were lots of writers who managed to write their first books when they had already been blessed with a horde of children.

And so, really, I guess I should just think if JK Rowling can do it, so can I. I mean, she seems to have done fairly well for herself – and is totally the average writer success story I should aspire to.  I just need to keep my eyes on that very realistic prize.

In all actuality, I have been debating my strategy.  I have been writing fairly regularly leading up to today.  Baby is due any minute now, and I actually have a few things to get done, like packing an overnight bag, etc., before going to the hospital.  So the writing has to go on hold, for now.  I guess I just want to know when I pick it up again and how much I try to force myself to write while dealing with being a new mommy?

I have this perfect picture in my head of my darling little angel to be sleeping soundly in her bassinet next to my desk while I happily finish chapters 20 – 30.  But I can already hear anyone who has survived parenthood laughing at me for that.  I believe there is an issue about getting enough sleep that one or two parents have complained about that might make that vision a little far fetched.

So, I am gonna try. I am going to do my best.  And one day, the baby will sleep through the night, and I will get enough rest. And, eventually, hopefully sooner than later, I am going to put this baby, my 50,000 word baby, to rest – in an envelope (or more likely an email) to a publisher – maybe the same one that picked up on that little story about a boy wizard with a lightening scar?


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7 Responses to “The End is Nigh”

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The good news is that two of my authors wrote their books while they had kids. Cindy Kane wrote her’s almost entirely during nap times and after bed time. The bad news: it took her 6 years 😉

Hmm, maybe I will try to beat that record! But thanks for the feedback.

My husband and I were both able to do NaNoWriMo when we had a four month old. It was rough and sometimes I was falling asleep as I tried to type out my daily words attached to a breastpump, but we mucked through.

Now, a year later with a 16 month old, I didn’t fare very well with my word counts at all. : ) BUT there were additional factors involved as well (fatigue from a new pregnancy and an unfortunate stomach flu that struck my entire family right smack in November).

I did recently hear a great quote on NPR from the lady who wrote Bridge to Terabithia:

“You know, the number of people who say, well, I’m going to write a book when I have time, they’re never going to have the time. And I started writing seriously when I had four tiny children. Well, I mean I had one tiny child, two tiny child, three tiny children, four tiny children in just over four years, and that’s when I began to write seriously. And I figured out that a lot is going on in your head when you’re changing diapers and washing clothes and doing all those things that have to be done. And if you’ve got 10, 15 minutes a day to sit down and write, you’d have a book by the end of the year.”

Source –

That said, I wouldn’t bank on getting anything done at first. And I also highly recommend the common advice of “sleep when the baby sleeps” those first few weeks. : )

Thanks for the quote. She has done fairly well as an author too – and four kids! Man. I am going to try to get enough sleep, at first, and then maybe I will give up on it and make time to write instead.

D’ooooooh- I stumbled upon this article this afternoon. Apparently my closing line is one of “The Worst Things You Can Say To A Woman Who Just Had a Baby” Whoopsie!

My intentions were good, I swear. With my first child, I didn’t do a good job of sleeping (But I did excel at worrying!)… so this time around I’ve been purposely disciplined about taking naps and the experience has gone substantially smoother. : )

That’s okay – I forgive you!

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