New Year’s Resolution Help

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I am not so foolish as to post my New Year’s resolutions in a public forum. Someone might expect me to stick to them. For that matter, I have pretty much given up even making them. But I do, sometime between the last day of one year and the first day of the next, find myself thinking, “Hmm, what do I want to accomplish in this new year?” For last year and this year, at least, the answer came back “Finish my novel!”

And that, of course, lead me to the next logical question, “What’s holding me back?” Excuses! That’s what. I got a lot of ’em too. But excuses aside, another big problem in my creative life is time management. Yeah, I am sure no one reading this has ever had that problem. And what, do you think, is the biggest waste of time not in my schedule? I would have to say the internet. In my case, really, Facebook. Not sure why, but I feel a compulsion to check it every few hours to see how my friend’s breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and TV watching are going.

Enter a solution. I was listening to the Kojo Nnamdi show a couple weeks ago. Kojo is on WAMU, our DC area NPR station. The show was all about unplugging from the internet, which I found both fascinating and horrifying. You can listen to it here.

If you prefer to skip the program and just get to the answer to all of your (really just my) problems, then read on just a little further. One of Kojo’s guests, Fred Stutzman, was the creator of two pieces of software that may save you (me) from yourself. The first one, Anti-Social, turns off social networking sites for a set period of time. So, for example, I could block Facebook from 9am – 2pm and have no choice but to sit at my computer and focus. The second piece of software, the aptly named Freedom, kills the internet entirely for a set period of time. So you can’t go on Youtube, check your email or Google a thing.

Not sure this will be THE answer to all of my time management problems, but I am willing to give it a try. I guess if you see me on Oprah’s couch in a few months talking about my best seller, you’ll know it works.


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I heard that episode too!!! I hope it works out for you and that we’ll be reading your novel soon!

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