Will Write for Money, Maybe

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I occasionally get paid to write – which is awesome, right?  In a way, that’s my dream come true. Doing what I love for a living. But, unfortunately, I don’t mean that I get paid to write fiction. Instead, I get paid by corporate clients to write for them.

Now, I admit, I enjoy the work. I am a writer because I like to write, so doing that as part of my day job can be a lot of fun, and gratifying. However, writing, for myself or for a client,  is exhausting! I said that to my husband once and he said “Why? You are just sitting at a computer all day. That’s what we all do.” And I had to admit, he had me there. But I ran the same thought past a friend of mine and she said “writing is exhausting because it requires constant decision making. Every word you put down, or don’t put down, is a choice. And making choices is hard work!”

So then, what happens to my ability to churn out a new chapter or story after a day or several days of writing for money?  I have often thought about making more of a business career out of my writing. Blogging for others, for example, or doing more marketing writing – which is where my occasional work comes from. I would like to think that it would have no impact, or at least no negative impact, on my personal writing career, but the fact of the matter is, the last thing I really want to do after a day of writing is write.

It’s taking me long enough already to finish my novel. If I never felt like writing it, it would never get done.  I don’t know if everyone feels this way, or if it’s just my quirky artistic genius side acting up.  I guess it doesn’t matter what works for other people. For me, I think, I am going to have to try to keep the paid writing to a minimum, until, of course, that fateful day when my agent tells me they want the sequel, stat!  I am sure that will be exhausting as well, but probably a bit more gratifying when it’s your own work you’re getting paid to work on.


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2 Responses to “Will Write for Money, Maybe”

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Spot on. Also, if you’re writing anything remotely connected to lived experience, you are essentially re-living it, including expending the emotional energy that came with it…the drama makes you flat-out spent.

So true. I recently told a very sad story about illness and financial troubles and the whole process of writing, memorizing and performing was emotionally draining. Hmm, does personal storytelling detract from creative fiction writing? I smell another blog post!

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