What the f…?

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At the storytelling show I was in last weekend, a woman came up to me and pointed at me and laughed. Normally, that might be off putting, but followed by, “Your story is the reason we came,” well, that softens the blow a little.

Of course, the next thing she said was, “I loved the story about your dad. It was so funny! I sent that video of you to all my friends to get them to come.”

It took me a minute to recover. After she said that the story about my dad was funny, I got mentally stuck on that. I mean, the last story I told about my dad was a pretty depressing/uplifting tale about how our relationship changed after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. So I got stuck on thinking, “This lady’s messed up!”

Of course, then I remembered the first story I told about my dad. It was, in fact, very funny. Or, in honor of my dad’s memory, very f*@king funny!

Here’s the video she sent to all her friends, the funny one about my dad:

So, I have to say, that is the only story I have told, publicly, that ever gets quoted back to me. I have had at least a few non friends point at me, smile, and say “What the f@*k?!” It’s gratifying personally and I am sure would make my dad very happy. But it does make me wonder if that means it is my most successful story to date or just the easiest one to quote?

I guess it doesn’t matter.  For whatever reason, this story has struck a chord with people.  That’s a great achievement for a storyteller.


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